True Healing Means Addressing the Root Cause of Your Suffering, Not Just the Symptoms.

Work with your body and energetic patterns to transform your pain and illness into wellness and self-knowledge so you can restore your natural balance and live a healthier, more fulfilled life.

You want to feel like yourself again.

You’ve been struggling with your mental and physical health for so long, you’ve forgotten how it feels to thrive.

You’re trying to conceive, but anxieties about pregnancy keep taking up your waking hours.

You feel stuck in a rut at work, in your home life, or with your personal relationships.

No matter what you’re going through — it’s possible to take control of your healing path and transform your life.

You need to… feel better

In an energetic clearing session, I’ll work remotely to identify and release major blockages from your energy field. I will then share my findings with you in a personalized consultation.

You need to… heal a somatic, physical, or mental health issue

In a healing session, I’ll work remotely to identify and heal the core issue behind your symptoms. I will then share my findings with you in a personalized consultation.

You need to… change your habits and patterns

In a coaching session, I’ll guide you toward a deeper understanding of the issue you’re experiencing. I will empower you to understand the subconscious triggers behind it and equip you with the tools you need to make a positive change.

You need to...solution for triggers, anxiety and stress

In trigger release session I’ll help you to resolve traumas and triggers to release and intergrade them, and  remove their emotional charge. I will guide you to disable negative emotions, anxiety, and trauma. This session resolve deep-seated beliefs and traumas, guiding you toward peace and balance.

You need to… find a wellness practitioner for your group retreat

In a group healing session, I’ll create a wellness experience for your retreat, workshop, festival, or women’s circle. Tailored offerings such as breathwork, guided meditation, deep relaxation techniques, and self-awareness and connection exercises are available.

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Hello, I’m Beata

Certified Trauma Release Practitioner | Pranic Healing Certified | Massage and Eastern Bodywork Therapist | Founder of the Vibrational Healing Method For me, healing has always been personal. I spent years struggling with an autoimmune disease that made me feel like I had lost myself. When doctors and medication didn’t work, I immersed myself in holistic healing practices.

That’s when I realized that I had been trying to fix the problems with my body without understanding where they came from.

Once I did, I was able to reconnect my spiritual self and my body and finally feel like myself again.

I started Lokahi Holistic to help other people like me find wellness by addressing the root cause of their issues.

I believe that healing begins when you understand how your subconscious beliefs and habits are influencing your body. I provide the guidance and tools you need to restore harmony and live a full, healthy and happy life.

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“Not only was Beata able to alleviate my physical and mental pain, but she also acted as a guide in my spiritual journey.”

I met Beata during one of the lowest points of my life, which makes sense, as my higher self was calling out for help.When I met her, during our first session, I felt complete comfort — I really felt seen and heard. It was not hard for me at all to relax, both mentally and physically, into a state where I could fully release my pain and do some very deep work. I would not have been able to do this without Beata’s guidance, and without the qualities which she possesses. It is because of these qualities and the environment she created for me that I was able to have such a meaningful and impactful first session.So much work was done and so much pain was lifted – both emotionally and physically.
– Meir, Entrepreneur
What started off as a simple desire to alleviate emotional and physical suffering resulted in an entire inward journey. It’s because of Beata’s work, as well as my own, that I was able to break through my mental blocks and undesirable patterns.She is able to plant seeds in a way that isn’t forced. Rather, it is done so strategically, elegantly, and mindfully that the seeds sprout on their own. How fast they sprout depends on how often you are willing to water them.I will always be thankful for Beata for selflessly helping me and being there for me and showing me that there is good in the world.Anyone should consider themselves lucky to cross paths with her, let alone do the hard work that needs to be done with her.This human being‘s purpose is literally to heal, and she knows it, and she practices it, and she dedicates herself to her craft.
– Jake, Lawyer
On top of this, the experience improves if you speak with and get to know Beata. She’s such a wonderful human being. A true humanitarian with a wonderful sense of humor and an awareness of different cultures and somehow on another level, you, the client. You won’t even realize it but you’ll just be a little bit better of a human being after getting to interact and know Beata.
– Jackson, Firefighter
I have dealt with a really traumatic death in my life recently and she has really helped me open up and talk about it. She has also helped me release any tension and stress I had in my body and does the massage with the best techniques. Highly recommend her to anyone going through a tough time.
– Rajin, Model
Beata is one of the best holistic therapists I ever met. She does a fantastic job with the healing process, energy cleaning as well as the massage. She has incredible hands and is very knowledgeable of the massage techniques. I really enjoyed both healing and massage therapies with her and I highly recommend it.
– Ramony, Investment Advisor
Beata is truly a special gifted spirit. She understood my pain right away and opened me up to lots of positive energy. Really recommend her for anyone suffering with depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders.
– Lea, Model
“Where do I start. Beata is the most gifted healer I have come across. 5 stars are not definitely enough. She is an intelligent, beautiful, heart of gold, with blessed hands for healing. Absolutely a perfect session. Thank you Beata for sharing your gift.
– Diana, Real Estate Broker

You deserve to feel better again.

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