Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about how holistic healing works? Want to know which Lokahi session is right for you? Just curious? Here are the answers to some of the most popular questions.

My healing approach stems from the concept that physical and emotional symptoms – pain, illness, anxiety, depression, malaise – are reflections of deeper issues within our subconscious. True healing comes when we are able to locate, understand, and resolve the root source of those external symptoms.

Even though this approach may seem “intangible” at first, the connection between the body and the mind is scientifically proven. For example, stressful thoughts raise your cortisol levels, which can lead to poor sleep and anxiety.

Want to know more? Take a deeper look at the energy healing process.

Each service I offer is personalized based on your needs. If you are seeking help with a specific problem, such as a relationship or your career path, I recommend starting with an energy cleansing session.

If you are struggling with a specific health problem, whether mental or physical, you will benefit from a healing session.

If you prefer to communicate directly with the subject you are struggling with, whether it is an addiction, an organ, a behavior, or an emotion, choose a channeling session.

I also offer individual coaching sessions. It is a great option for when you’re interested in getting support and resolving your issues by talking through them.

And if you’re in need of a group wellness experience for your retreat or gathering, the group retreat/healing session is the ideal option.

Still unsure of where to start? I recommend contacting me to explore your needs and create a treatment plan together.

Yes. No matter how large or small the issues you’re struggling with, I am here to help you and provide guidance. I will never judge your needs or experiences. You are welcome here.

Absolutely. My holistic healing therapies can and are encouraged to be applied alongside conventional medication. It will help you manage your symptoms and resolve the root cause of your issues at the same time.

Holistic healing and conventional medicine can be complementary.

Cleansing and healing sessions require me to access precise, subtle and deep energy levels. The client’s physical presence can disrupt my work by interfering with my energy.

If you feel strongly about being present during your cleansing or healing, make a note in your booking and I can accommodate a video or phone session.

You can learn more about how the process works here.

I understand that the healing relationship begins with trust, and I’ll always put your comfort and well-being first. My compassionate person-centered guidance, many years of experience and expertise in alternative healing, is what sets Lokahi Holistic apart.

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