Channeling Session

Channeling Session

$200 for a 30 minute session, $300 for a 60 minute session

Subconscious beliefs can cause us to act and react in ways we don’t understand. But if we face them head-on, we can learn about ourselves and be empowered to heal.

In this talk-based session, I’ll work with you to get to the root of the issue you’re facing by channeling the subject of your choosing.

This session can take place over video call or phone.

  • Are struggling with an issue you don’t know how to talk about, such as a challenging relationship
  • Want to get in deeper touch with a part of yourself—whether it’s an organ that’s hurting you, a belief you want to trace back to its roots , or a habit you haven’t been able to kick
  • A 30-minute conversation with the subject of your choosing, channeled through Beata
  • Next-level insight into the situation, behavior, or pattern you’re struggling with
  • Educated and aware about how your subconscious is hiding from your awareness
  • Empowered to face your problems