Energy Healing

What Is Energy Healing?

Starting your energy healing journey means first understanding what it is and how it works.

Energy healing centers around the theory that no ailment is accidental.

Anxiety, depression, physical pain and malaise — you experience these problems in your body and mind. But they are actually reflections of your innermost self.

Disease and unwellness in your physical body mirror negative conditions in your subconscious and energy field.

These blockages may stem from childhood trauma or interpretations of past events that are so deeply ingrained in your behavior system, you’re not even aware of them.

Energy healing may seem “out there,” but the principles behind it are scientifically proven.

We know that there is a connection between our subconscious and our physical symptoms.

For example, stressful thoughts may feel intangible, but they actually increase the levels of cortisol in your body. Which, in turn, affects your digestion, raises your blood pressure, impacts your sleep cycle, and weakens your immune system.

In order to heal, it isn’t enough to treat the symptoms in your external body.

You can take medication to lower your blood pressure or help you sleep at night, but the deeper issue causing those stressful thoughts remains. And it will continue to cause problems until it is fully resolved.

What you need is to address the root source of your issues, so that it can be fully understood and integrated. This way, you will be free to live a healthy, joyful life.

Unblocking your energy flow is the first step to wellness.

During a healing session, I enter a healing state, allowing me to access your energy field.

In this state, I’ll locate the blockages in your energy flow. These blockages are places where the vital force isn’t able to flow, or where there is too little of it to support your healthy functions.

I am also able to see where the blockages come from, providing a deeper insight into how you can fully heal.

As I work, I clear all the blockages I encounter in your energetic, physical, mental, and emotional space.

After unblocking, you’ll feel an instant sense of relief and unburdening as your natural balance is restored.

But the rest is up to you.

In order to continue your wellness journey, you’ll need to take action to resolve the core of your issues. Instead of taking medication without fully understanding what it does, you will know exactly what you’re doing and why it matters. This approach will give you the motivation and empowerment you need to heal from the inside out.

I will guide you every step of the way as you become an active partner in your journey toward happiness, health, and balance.

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