My Story

How I Went from Disease to Ultimate Wellness.

I have over ten years of experience as a holistic healer. I’ve worked with people facing all kinds of challenges — from fertility issues to professional burnout and addiction.

But before that, I was in the same place that you might be now.

Fifteen years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

I didn’t only feel sick and exhausted — I felt like I had lost myself. I tried consulting with doctors and taking medication, but I just wasn’t getting better. So, searching for answers, I immersed myself in holistic healing practices.

What began with minor lifestyle changes became a journey of discovery into my capacity to heal myself and others.

I realized that I had been trying to fix the problems with my body without asking myself where they came from. Once I did, I was able to reconnect my spiritual self and my body and finally feel like myself again.

Your health is so much more than what you put into your body.

At Lokahi Holistic, I help people find wellness by locating and resolving the root cause of your issues.

Factors that may seem intangible — stressful thoughts, negative emotions, painful memories — have real effects on our physical well-being.

The problem is, most medicine focuses on curing physical symptoms rather than their source. This means that you can be doing everything “right” but still not feel better.

I believe that healing begins when you understand how your subconscious beliefs and habits are influencing your body’s wellness. I provide the guidance and tools you need to restore harmony and live a full, healthy and happy life.
I know that it can feel daunting to break out of negative cycles and reclaim control over your health.

That’s why I work with you to discover your own personalized healing path.

I empower you to understand why you’re struggling and take the steps you need to feel like your whole self again.

Start Your Healing Journey.


Energy Healing and Wellness Services, Tailored for Your Needs

Perfect for you if you want to resolve a difficult relationship, change an undesirable habit, make a life change, or unblock your financial flow.
An in-depth session to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Get to the root source of an issue you’re experiencing, from a major life decision to a loss of a loved one.
Connect with something or someone who can’t communicate back, such as a young infant or an organ inside your body.
Create a meaningful experience for your retreat, workshop, festival, women’s circle, or another group event.

Lokahi Values

Building Trust

I honor that you are entrusting me with your intimate life. I will always respond with understanding and openness, never judgment. You are safe and welcome here.

Putting You First

Your well-being and healing journey always comes first. I will bring my warm, caring and comforting energy to all of our interactions.

Educating to Empower

I know that true wellness comes with the ability to understand your inner self. I will help you build emotional and spiritual awareness to enhance your self-knowledge and balance.

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