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It’s time to take control of your healing journey. Let’s transform your pain and illness into wellness and self-knowledge, so you can start living the happy, fulfilling life you deserve.

The Lokahi Process

Review my offerings below and choose the session that is right for your needs. If you have questions about where to begin, see the FAQ or reach out for guidance. If you are a first-time client, please book a single session to begin, and we’ll discuss your treatment plan from there.
You will be asked to fill out a form with your name and intention. For remote healing work (energetic cleansing and healing sessions), you will also submit a photograph of yourself. I will use the photograph to connect to your energy field.
You will receive an email confirmation and a personalized meditation/breathing exercise to do before the scheduled session.

Energetic cleansing and healing sessions: Prepare by focusing on your need or intention. During the scheduled time of your cleansing, you may experience physical or emotional sensations. Take note of what you’re feeling, so you can discuss afterward in your consultation.

Coaching and channeling sessions: Prepare by focusing on your need or intention. Join the call or Zoom at the scheduled time.

Energetic cleansing and healing sessions: I will share my findings with you in a 30-minute Zoom meeting. You will receive personalized guidance on how to resolve your issue and actionable steps to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment.

Coaching and channeling sessions: Taking the actions recommended to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment.

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Perfect for you if you want to resolve a difficult relationship, change an undesirable habit, make a life change, or unblock your financial flow.
An in-depth session to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
Get to the root source of an issue you’re experiencing, from a major life decision to a loss of a loved one.
Connect with something or someone who can’t communicate back, such as a young infant or an organ inside your body.
Create a meaningful experience for your retreat, workshop, festival, women’s circle, or another group event.

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